2018: The Best Year of My Life

All I do is win, win, win no matter what!

purple fireworks effect
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

Okay that was pretty cheesy. And no I do not consistently “win”. In fact it feels like I lose more often than not but 2018 was the exception.

Maybe my ability to keep a positive mindset is a reflection of the personal growth I experienced this year. Or maybe that can of wine I just drank is kicking in (and yes I said CAN of wine, I am a semi broke scientist).

Why has the past year kicked major ass? Why have I become a shadow of my former emo teen self and become someone who actually *gasp* looks forward to the future?

I fell in love. Head over heels, flat on my bum, want him in my life forever love. Gross, I know, but this is the type of love I was not expecting to find any time soon. I planned to spend my 20s fabulously single. Mission aborted. We met in February and this love set up the rest of my year to be the festoon of fabulosity (I’m making that a word, deal with it) that it turned out to be. It has been the most rewarding relationship I have ever been in. Even if I had not experienced the advancements in my career that I had this year, it would still be the best year of my life.

In the beginning of the year my bosses gave me much more responsibility at work. Well, I may have strong armed them into it. Either way, ya girl started to kick major butt in the lab.

You may not be aware but in the pharmaceutical industry it is not uncommon to hire people initially as contract employees. Essentially you are a potentially temporary employee, the company employs you through your contract, which they may or may not renew. But you technically are not an employee of the pharmaceutical company, therefore they do not have to spend the funds on you that they spend on normal employees (i.e. health insurance, 401k, other benefits).

After performing literally all the grunt work in the microbiology lab by myself for months (actually I am still doing this so don’t think I’m over the rookie hump yet) and taking the initiative to complete several needed projects around the facility my bosses showed their appreciation by making me a permanent employee AND giving me a promotion in the process.

These are only really two things but both these things were huge milestones for me and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me.


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