Hello, colony!


Thanks for joining me for this new experience they call blogging! Just a few things about me, my name is Ashlei. I am a microbiologist, although that is not what I originally went to school for. I started my college career as a premed Biology major. My original intention was to go to medical school to become a gynecologist. But for personal reasons, I decided that wasn’t the best route for me. So after graduation I had no idea where to direct my career goals, I had spent a large part of my life thinking I would become a doctor. Honestly it left me a little depressed, all the uncertainty.

Thankfully I have a mother who loves me. She was on me to get my resume out there and so I did (mostly to get her off my back lol). I got hired at a local pharmaceutical company as a microbiologist. It was exciting! I never even thought about pursuing microbiology as a career. I thought, might as well check it out and at least it’s a job in a biology related field. Well I ended up loving it. Micro Maven was born.

defocused image of illuminated christmas lights
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

I am not just a microbiologist though. I am a woman and a person of color. These are both things that greatly influence my identity. I am a proud feminist and a huge proponent of getting more people of color into STEM fields. Diversity in science is much more important than people think. I am not saying that to be “PC”, it is a fact that diversity (and therefore different experiences) leads to different thoughts. We need woman and POC in STEM fields to help us progress as a species.

I am also somewhat of girly girl, as they say. I love fashion, beauty products, makeup, plants and my favorite color is….PINK!

This blog will be a reflection of all of that. Documenting my journey in my career as well as my personal interests.

I hope you find enjoyment in it! Let’s get started!




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